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Facilities In  Multan


The district has metalled road-length of 983.69 Kilometers. The district is linked with Khanewal, Lodhran and Muzaffargarh districts through metalled roads. Rail-Links The main Peshawar-Karachi railway line passes through Multan district. The district is linked with Khanewal, Lodhran and Muzaffargarh districts through railway network.


General Quality And Availability Of Sub-Soil Water.
Under ground water resources are adequate throughout the district. The sub soil water is suitable for industrial purposes.

Effluent Disposal Facilities
There is no mentionable nallah available in the district. However, effluent of the industry can be disposed off in the river Chenab after pre-treatment with permission from Irrigation and Power Department, Government of the Punjab. POWER SUPPLY. There are 10 grid stations in the district (ranging in capacity from 66 KV to 132 KV).

 Natural Gas Availability.
Natural gas is available in Multan city, Shujabad, Qadirpur Rawan, Larr, Makhdoom Rashid and Tateypur. TELEPHONE FACILITIES. There are 20 telephone exchanges operating in the district, (ranging in capacity from 50 lines to 34000 lines). Cellular phone services are available in the district.

Social Infra-Structural Facilities

Multan 1015 11 12 23 8 120 150
Shujabad 327 1 2 2 5 26 14
Jalalpur Pirwala 222 Nil Nil 2 Nil 8 7


There are also Bahauddin Zikria University, Al-Khair University, Preston University and Nishtar Medical College in the district.

Dry Port
Multan Dry Port Trust handles imports and exports of various items. The export items are textile products, grey cloth, cotton yarn, leather goods, raw cotton and rice, etc. The import items are Auto spare parts, PVC, chemicals, cotton yarn waste, paper waste scrap, raw cotton, leather goods, vehicles, etc.

Industrial Policy
Foreign investors are permitted to hold 100% of the equity of industrial projects without any permission of the Government.

No prior Government sanction is required for establishment of an industry outside Ex-Municipal Territorial Limit of Town Committee / Municipal Corporation irrespective of its cost and size except the following:-
a. Arms & Ammunition.
b. Security Printing Currency & Mint.
c. High Explosives.
d. Radio Active Substances.
e. Alcoholic Beverages or Liquors.
f. Cotton Ginning Industry.
g. Flour Mills.

  • No industry shall be established within the territorial limits of Ex-Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committee and Town Committees without prior approval of the Government.
  • NOC from Environment Protection Department, Government of Punjab is required.
  • Tourism has been given the status of industry in accordance with Ministry of Industries & Production Circular No. 1-129/99-INV-IV dated 2nd August 1999.
  • The Housing and Construction Sector has also been declared as industry (Finance Division Notification No. 10(10)/IF-II/98, dated 07.4.1999 and 4.6.1999.
  • In accordance with Government notification No. 3(2)/97-INV-IV dated 05.5.1997, Computer Software and Information Technology (IT) have been declared as Industry.



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